This is the rhythm of your brain

February 15, 2017

It may appear that even if you are not a Michael Jackson or Gene Kelly, there is still hope in terms of your rhythmic skills, even those who have two left feet, will have rhythm in your brains. From breathing to walking to chewing, our days are filled with repetitive actions that depend on the rhythmic firing of neurons. Yet the neural circuitry underpinning such seemingly ordinary behaviors is not…


The Swarovski story: from crystals to tech

October 10, 2016

In a bucolic village nestled in the Austrian Alps, a co-working space sits in the original 19th-century manufacturing compound of a decidedly old-school manufacturer — Swarovski, the crystal company. The project is part of an unusual effort to refashion Swarovski into, of all things, a tech company. A group of millennial programmers were in the office, these budding entrepreneurs had only arrived in the space – fridges full of beer,…


Video gamers are better than scientists at identifying proteins

September 19, 2016

While it’s been said that video games and too much screen time can rot the brain, a group of gamers was actually able to beat scientists, college students and computer algorithms in a contest to see who could identify a particular protein’s shape. After playing the game Foldit with such success, the gamers proved that there could be a positive impact citizen science can have on research and could have future implications in…


Flow Hive design creates honey on tap

August 18, 2016

Raising 17386% of their fund total and receiving over 35,000 orders, the #1 most funded Indiegogo campaign of all time, Flow Hive, have created a beehive to revolutionize beekeeping. Designed and created by father and son, Stuart and Cedar Anderson, in Australia, the Flow Hive is in demand globally. The Flow Hive allows the beekeeper to harvest honey on tap directly from the beehive. This completely changes the process of…


Former Apple engineer brings you in-home plant automation

August 15, 2016

Even though Andrew Pletenetskyy had a great job at Apple designing hardware products, he was constantly traveling and unable to look after his indoor garden. He tested out a few automated watering solutions that were available on the market, but decided to solve this problem by coming up with his own. Pletenetskyy teamed up with Silicon Valley engineer, Alex Yevdakov, and together they formed the startup 7sensors Inc., in an effort to not only…


Hobbyist creates Pokémon-inspired charging station

August 10, 2016

Hobbyist Spencer Kern was inspired by the recent Pokémon Go craze when he came up with the idea for his latest project. Kern, the designer who created a custom Minecraft PC last year in honor of the Windows 10 release, has just built a Pokémon Center Charging Station. “After spending hours running around my local park with a few hundred people, I knew this was a special moment in gaming history. The sense…


Mini Nintendo Entertainment System will hit shelves with 30 classic games

The NES MIni will hit shelves November 11. (Image via Nintendo)
July 15, 2016

If you’ve got $60 to spare, you’ll be able to take part in a piece of nostalgic gaming this November. A Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition will hit the shelves. Yes, you’ll be able to play a near-identical, mini replica of Nintendo’s original home console. The system plugs directly into a high-definition TV via an included HDMI cable and even comes with 30 NES classic games built right in, including Super Mario…


Video of the Day: DIY visor lets you shoot flames from your eyeballs

June 27, 2016

Recently, freelance engineer and YouTuber Allen Pan was recruited by Mouser Electronics to be a part of its “Project Heroes” series, which involves projects designed by former “Mythbusters” star Grant Imahara. As part of the series, the duo sets out to build super hero technology directly taken from the movie Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War.” In Pan’s most recent YouTube tech video, you’ll see why he was such a great fit for super…


Charge your phone directly from your box of Kentucky Fried Chicken

June 22, 2016

A few lucky folks are being given a chance to win a Kentucky Fried Chicken box of chicken — along with a USB charging port for your phone. According to BGR, which had the privilege of testing out the charger (which is nothing to write home about), the Watt a Box was “created in collaboration with its Mumbai-based digital agency, Blink Digital, the limited edition Watt a Box can only be…


Windows Holographic will bring mixed reality to all VR devices

June 1, 2016

Since Microsoft began shipping its Hololens devices back in March, the company has seen plenty of industries, like NASA, Volvo, and Lowe’s, embracing the mixed reality frontier. Now, it wants to bring mixed reality a little further by allowing all virtual reality devices to mix the virtual and physical worlds with Windows Holographic, a platform developed by Microsoft that is built around the API of Windows 10. Holographic works by enabling applications in…