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We aim to connect with seasoned engineers looking for some career advice, but also Millennial and Gen Z engineers who are embarking on their careers or just getting settled in the professional world. One way we do this is by providing content in the formats that they care about and through channels they use most often.

Stay up-to-date on career, education, university news and breakthroughs, networking and events, industry trends, and the latest technology. We’ll provide fresh content that focuses on the “bigger picture” by looking at the latest parts and advancements and the impacts on engineering careers so you can stay ahead of the curve.



The tech interview platform Exponent just acquired the assets of Pramp, offering free practice interviews for developers. Exponent calls its subscription service a "gym for your career," where users can expand your professional development.…

Prevent “alien” invasions

The risk is real. Space missions carry all sorts of important logistical and scientific instrumentation. They also carry the risk of biological contamination according to a recent article in BioScience. Researchers with expertise in…

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