8-in-1 Multifunction Portable Loop Calibrator

Saelig PIE 850 LSaelig Company has announced the availability of the PIE 850 Multifunction Calibrator – a high performance handheld instrument that combines eight single function calibrators, legacy 10 to 50 mA capabilities, and advanced troubleshooting tools. The PIE 850 is a loop detective that is capable of diagnosing common loop control problems that are hard to find. Loop diagnostic technology and the LoopScope feature shows all the loop parameters at a glance: current, voltage, and resistance. The PIE 850 is compatible with all common instruments, smart transmitters, and PLCs with 14 types of thermocouple and 9 types of RTD temperature sensors.

The PIE 850 all-in-one calibrator includes a milliamp current calibrator, a voltage calibrator, a thermocouple calibrator, an RTD resistance calibrator, a frequency calibrator, a pH simulator, a continuity checker, and a pressure calibrator which is used with accessory pressure modules. It also includes advanced troubleshooting tools to help uncover undiagnosed loop problems which can create dangerous operating conditions or poor quality products. Troubleshooting loop problems is made simple using the Current Leak Detection and Loop Diagnostic functions. The PIE 850’s ‘Loop Diagnostic’ technology (Patent 7,248,058) uses an internal power supply to drive the loop while finding ground faults and leakage current, often caused by corrosion or condensation in conduits and junction boxes. The PIE 850 also has a continuity beeper to help locate problems in loop wiring without requiring an additional multimeter. An intuitive EZ-Dial Double Click Menu makes the device easy to set up and the PIE 850 offers an accuracy of +/- 0.02%.

The ability to display all the loop parameters simultaneously (current, DC voltage, and total resistance in the loop) shows if the loop power supply has enough capacity to drive all the devices in the loop. Voltage dropping as current increases means that a larger power supply is required. If the loop resistance is too high, there may be too many attached devices, or that an instrument is drawing too much power and needs replacement.

The PIE 850’s rugged design includes a backlit display for use in dark environments, a protective rubber boot with built-in stand, a hands-free carrying case, and all test leads. Lightweight (12 oz), rugged, and reliable, the compact (5.6″ x 3.0″ x 1.6″) PIE 850 Multifunction Calibrator is made in USA by Practical Instrument Electronics, with 35 years of experience in the calibrator marketplace.

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