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Meet the Editorial Team

Daisy Stapley-Bunten

The editor of eeDesignIt, Daisy is a caffeine-dependent writer with a special interest in fitness technology and consumer wearables, whose mission is to champion tech startups.

Anna Flockett

Journalism graduate Anna grew up as a Tulsa Driller in Oklahoma and is now both editorial assistant for eeDesignIt as well as the Engineering editor for Electronic Specifier. Previous Sheffield Hallam student Anna also did some work for the BBC before returning back home to the South of England.

Lanna Cooper

Lanna is an editorial assistant at eeDesignIt who is on a constant search for Disney-themed articles with tenuous links to technology.

Joe BushJoe Bush

Joe has been in the industrial trade press for nearly ten years. When he can’t be found on the golf course, talking about the latest trials and tribulations of his beloved Crystal Palace FC or walking Stanley, his mischievous French bulldog, Joe can be found writing about the latest technology news.

Enaie AzambujaEnaie Azambuja

Maire of the House Schlogel de Azambuja, the First of Her Name, The Unburnt of MCUs, Queen of the Wireless, the Opto and the Alternative Energy products, Khaleesi of the Great Automotive Innovations, Protector of the Realm of Electronics, Lady Regnant of the Designers and Engineers, Breaker of News and Mother of Medical!

Alice MatthewsAlice Matthews

Previously working and studying in Paris, Alice moved back to the UK to pursue a career in journalism. She can be found trying to connect live music with tech on a regular basis.

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