AV Stumpfl takes a stand at LDI 2016

Booth 2437, Las Vegas Convention Center, NV, 21st-23rd October 2016: LDI 2016 is the official global debut of a technically innovative mobile projection screen stand from AV Stumpfl.

The stand is compatible with Monoblox, Vario and VarioClip screens, it sits discreetly on one central stand, which can be folded giving it the look and appeal of a large projection monitor, enabling a more flawless looking presentation.


CEO Tobias Stumpfl said: “Our customers happy already have a wide range of screens designed for events and specific requirements. It’s only natural that we should also offer them a flexible stand alternative helping them to make events and presentations even easier.”

All screens are supported by a growing global network of partners. AV Stumpfl are award-winning designers of custom design projection screens, made to any size and dimension, to fit any border, any aspect ratio and for either permanent or temporary fixtures. They are designed to be easy to set up, transport and are the number one choice of rental and hire fleets.


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