Baby stroller charges your phone via power-generating wheels

New moms spend a lot of time with their baby stroller. That’s why a high-tech baby gadget company, 4moms, decided to spruce up the ordinary stroller by adding “power on board” features for parents on-the-go.

The moxi stroller.
The moxi stroller.

The modern-looking moxi stroller comes equipped with power-generating wheels that can charge your device that’s plugged in to the on-board USB port, as their being pushed. But that’s not all the wheels can power. They’ll also help track temperature, time, distance traveled, speed and battery levels via the LCD screen, illuminate pathways using headlights and taillights, and even monitor steps and calories (for the new mom who wants to stay healthy).

The stroller works in conjunction with a moms app, which provides lifetime trip history and customized fitness settings for accurate tracking of calories burned.

“For the past 11 years, we’ve been working hard to develop safe and innovative products that disrupt the baby gear industry and make the lives of parents easier,” said Rob Daley, CEO and co-founder of 4moms. “The moxi stroller brings technology capabilities to a product category that has otherwise maintained the status quo for decades. The design and function put moxi in a class by itself.”

As far as a stroller goes, it comes with a variety of seat configurations from a built-in bassinet for newborns and both front and rear facing positions. It is also compatible with a variety of infant car seats including the 4moms self-installing car seat.

The 4moms moxi stroller will be available in October and will retail for $699.99. You can snag one at  buybuyBaby, Amazon, and at

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