Belkin Selects IDT Dual-Mode Wireless Power Transmitter

Integrated Device Technology, (IDT), and Belkin International announced Belkin’s first dual-mode wireless charger widely available to consumers. With IDT’s dual-mode wireless power transmitters, the Belkin Universal Wireless Charging Pad + Charger delivers greater flexibility by supporting two of the leading wireless power standards. Belkin’s new Universal Wireless Charging Belkin wireless charging pad LPad can be used to charge mobile devices or wearables that are enabled with the Wireless Power Consortium’s “Qi” standard or the Power Matters Alliance standard.

The new charging pad delivers consumers the ease of use of charging devices throughout the home or office without the need for messy cables.

“As wireless charging gains traction in mainstream consumer electronics, our customers shouldn’t have to worry whether their charging accessory is compatible with their device,” said Melody Tecson, director of product management at Belkin. “By integrating IDT’s dual-mode transmitter, we offer a one-size-fits-all solution for consumers needing a top-quality magnetic induction charger.”

Belkin’s dual-mode Universal Wireless Charging Pad is available now at and select retail locations. It is the second wireless charging solution from Belkin along with a Qi-only Wireless Charging Pad + Charger.

IDT wireless power transmitters and receivers are in use around the world in smart phones, wearables, furniture and a wide array of accessories. The company recently introduced wireless power reference kits, making it dramatically easier for engineers to incorporate wireless charging into their product designs.

“As a leading innovator in wireless power, IDT understands that the whole idea behind wireless charging is to keep it simple,” said Laurence McGarry, director of product marketing for wireless power at IDT. “Let the engineers worry about divergent wireless power standards; let the customers enjoy the convenience of wireless charging. Belkin has taken this to heart with its new dual-mode charging pad.”

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