Bentley limousine features electrochromatic glass

A new project to install its electrochromatic glass into 12 vehicles for a major automotive OEM client, has been won by a Midlands design engineering business, following a successful launch at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. MarchantCain worked closely with Mulliner, Bentley’s coachbuilding division, to manufacture and install electrochromatic glass into the new Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine.

The vehicle, which is one metre longer and 79mm taller than Bentley’s previous Mulsanne model, debuted the glass at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, earlier this year, prompting a demand for MarchantCain’s product.


Electrochromatic glass, which is also known as ‘smart glass,’ allows passengers to switch the interior division and rear-cabin window glass in a vehicle between clear and opaque at the touch of a button, using a mobile device. In addition to enabling greater privacy in private vehicles, the glass also has an environmental impact. In its darkened state, it can reflect up to 98% of light, significantly reducing the need to turn on in-car air conditioning.

Although MarchantCain has been working on the technology for the last few years, the Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine represents the first in-car installation of the product, and has sparked an increase in demand for smart glass, which MarchantCain expects to continue.

MarchantCain Managing Director Rob Marchant commented: “Electrochromatic glass is a very appealing product for niche vehicle manufacturers, particularly for upmarket vehicles such as limousines, which require enhanced privacy for passengers. But it’s the benefits beyond this that gives our work even greater potential.

“Glass is a fascinating and useful material, but it has its drawbacks. It lets in light and heat, even when you don’t want it to. With electrochromatic glass, you can control temperature more effectively, and conveniently deflect heat and light when you need to, at the push of a button.

“It was great to see our work debuted in the Bentley Mulsanne at the Geneva Motor Show, and we’re now working to install the technology in other vehicles.”

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