Bimetal probe thermostats awarded UL approval

Selco’s line of Bimetal Probe Thermostats is officially approved with UL (E145478, XAPX2), c-UL E145478(XAPX8) certifications. In addition to UL approvals, these are also RoHS compliant. This is a very exciting time for Selco as more and more customers are required to have UL approval on their finished product which includes all components that are used within.

Selco’s Probe Thermostats feature factory preset calibrations, ranging from -65 to 550°F (-53 to 287°C) and a high pressure rating up to 9000 psi. Probe assemblies are completely over-molded in a one-piece brass or stainless steel construction, providing a reliable, moisture-proof device capable of continual operation for either hot or cold conditions.

“Selco is a leader in providing custom solutions on probe thermostats based on the requirements of each customer’s application,” says Diane Padilla, Product Manager at Selco Products. “Our team works closely with each customer from concept through design to final product. Our automated processes allow us to provide customized solutions at an affordable price.”

These custom probe assemblies are a combination of a bimetal temperature sensor and switch to conduct temperature monitoring and high limit safety. Selco offers over 50 housings to choose from however, other dimensions can be provided as required by customer. Probe lengths and terminations are customized to meet individual requirements and can be designed with simple lead connections or custom connectors/cables. Upon request, Selco can meet IP67 standard as required.

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