Company claims to have invented a smart mattress that detects cheating

When good old-fashioned spying on your partner doesn’t work for you, you could always opt for a smart mattress that lets you know if your bed is being used in a “suspicious way.”

Durmet’s Smarttress.

A Spanish company called Durmet has invented the Smarttress, a mattress that can detect if you’re being cheated on in a relationship.

The connected mattress will send notifications to your phone, via accompanying app, to let you know if there’s some unusual activity taking place in your bed.

It’s “Lover Detection System” comprises vibration sensors built-in to the mattress’ coils, as well as a contact-zone detector to let you know how long the mattress was used for, the intensity and impact on the bed, as well as displays the pressure points to show you where the weight was dispersed.

Pressure points displayed via app. (Image via Smarttress)
Pressure points displayed via app. (Image via Smarttress)

The mattress also lets you know when the battery is low via indicator light and can be recharged with a USB plug.

According to the company, “if you’re partner isn’t faithful, at least your mattress is.”

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