Cypress and MyScript bring advanced tech to the automotive market

Cypress Semiconductor have joined forces to include MyScript’s intuitive and precise handwriting recognition technology to automotive designers worldwide powered by Cypress’s Traveo microcontroller (MCU) family. MyScript’s automotive HMI input method technology enables a cypress Llow-distraction user interface. Drivers can write characters or numerals, or simply gesture with their fingertips on a touchscreen or touchpad to quickly and discreetly accomplish important tasks, such as selecting a destination, making a telephone call or noting information. Cypress offers TrueTouch capacitive touchscreen and touchpad solutions with industry-leading resistance to electrical noise, glove touch and water resistance, which combine with the Traveo MCU solutions to enable innovative and robust automotive HMI.

“We are excited to partner with Cypress to bring the benefits of handwriting input to the Traveo MCU family and significantly enhance the driver user experience,” said Olivier Cros, Director of Global Automotive Sales at MyScript. “The joint integration development activity will bring MyScript’s award winning automotive HMI solutions to the compact automotive segment, expanding the number of drivers that can now enjoy the benefits of a low-distraction input method within the vehicle.”

Cypress and MyScript have been working together in the automotive market achieving several large successes and are now intensifying their activities together to bring a faster time-to-market solution to automotive developers for dashboards, navigation, head-up displays and HVAC systems in vehicles.

“Our partnership with MyScript marks another example of Cypress’s commitment to bring innovative HMI automotive systems to the mass market,” said Nils Bossemeyer, Systems Application Engineering Manager for Automotive Microcontrollers at Cypress. “This partnership adds to our ability to serve as a one-stop resource for our automotive customers, combining our Traveo MCU family and MyScript’s handwriting input technology together with our broad line of memory products, PMICs, TrueTouch® touchscreen controllers and CapSense touch-sensing HMI solutions.”

Integration of the new Traveo family members with the award-winning MyScript handwriting input recognition technology will streamline design timelines and greatly enhance the driving experience. A unified effort will embed handwriting recognition together with the latest Traveo MCUs offerings, which represent another step forward in bringing the luxury car user experience to the mass market. By offering a high-performance and scalable platform, Cypress customers can affordably deliver a high-end and non-distractive input method in compact vehicles.

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