DC link capacitor dimensions precisely fit IGBT module

Specifically designed for the HybridPACK 1-DC6 IGBT module from Infineon Technologies, TDK Corporation has presented an EPCOS DC link capacitor. The outstanding features of this component are the six busbar terminals with dimensions that are matched precisely to fit the IGBT module. This multiple contacting produces an excellent current capability while at the same time offering very low parasitics.

For example, the ESR has a maximum value of 0.6mΩ and the ESL value is just 25nH. Thanks to this low ESL, voltage peaks on switching off the IGBTs are almost completely eliminated.

The capacitor with the order number B25655P4607J021 is designed for a rated voltage of 450VDC and offers a capacitance of 600µF. Its current capability is about 150A at a maximum ambient temperature of 105°C and a cooled temperature on the underside of 75°C. The component is designed using Power Capacitor Chip (PCC) technology in which the capacitor element is constructed as a stacked winding, with which a volume fill factor of nearly 1 is achieved. The dimensions of the housing are correspondingly compact, at just 140x72x50mm.


Furthermore, a flat winding version is offered in the same housing (B25655P4477J121). This type has a capacitance of 470µF and is likewise designed for 450VDC. At a maximum ambient temperature of 105°C and a cooled temperature on the underside of 75°C, its current capability is about 150A. The ESR value of this design is 0.8mΩ and the ESL value is 25nH.

Apart from the standard version, the capacitor is also available with an additional connection for the EPCOS high-voltage DC EMC filter. All in all, the combination of the IGBT module with the new link circuit capacitor enables the design of extremely compact inverters for xEV applications or for use as industrial inverters.

Main applications:

  • DC link capacitor for HybridPACK 1-DC6 from Infineon Technologies

Main features and benefits:

  • low ESL of just 25nH
  • minimum ESR of just 0.6mΩ
  • compact dimensions of just 140x72x50mm

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