Google Maps goes miniature with #MiniView recreation of German model railroad

You won’t see this Google car mapping out street views in your neighborhood. Instead, the newest addition to the Google Maps family is this miniature car that set out to capture the world’s largest model railway exhibit located in Germany.

Miniatur Wunderland consists of over 8,000 miles of track and comprises over 20,000 miniature people. The museum includes tiny replicas of a variety of German provinces, famous places in America and even a fully-functioning airport.

In order to capture the small spots within Miniatur Wunderland, Google Maps worked with Ubilabs to build an entirely new and smaller device. They then mounted tiny cameras onto the tiny vehicles and set them out to drive along the roads and over the train tracks to explore Wunderland’s offering.

As you tour Miniatur Wunderland, you’ll swing by a soccer match in Hamburg, a replica of the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, the ski slopes of Austria, and even main attractions in the United States, such as the Las Vegas strip.

Learn more on the Google Maps’ Official Blog.

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