LG reveals new flexible pressure sensors for comfortable tech

LG Innotek has developed of new kind of textile flexible pressure sensor that senses pressure from its entire surface.

Pressure sensors are used to measure levels of the external force. By installing them in technology such as medical appliances and cars, people can better gauge and analyze a variety of pressure.

Sensors of this nature are typically shaped like coins and made of PCB substrates or PET films, which makes bending or deforming them difficult to do.

 LG Innotek introduces flexible textile pressure sensor. (Image via LG Innotek)
LG Innotek introduces flexible textile pressure sensor. (Image via LG Innotek)

LG Innotek’s new sensors are made of elastic polyurethane material in order to fit the human body more comfortably. When an external force is applied to the sensor, electric poles inside the fiber detect the deformation to determine the pressure.  The flexible textile pressure sensors could have potential applications in consumer products like gloves and chairs, which come in direct contact with the human body.

Additionally, if used in medical applications, the sensor could be help to improve accuracy of telemedicine. Patients could be fitted with wearables composed of the material or even walk on a carpet containing sensors that could detect body balance and acting patterns. Information retrieved from the device would automatically be sent to doctors.

If used in athletic applications, the sensors could proved more detailed training information. For example, the sensor would detect the pressure and position of hands on a golf club, then send the information to a user’s smartphone to help him or her find the perfect grip.

According to LG, if you applied the sensor to a chair, it would measure the pressure on the seat and send the data to you in order to correct posture or analyze study patterns.

“We tried to break away from the previous method and attempt new methods to develop innovative products,” said Changhwan Kim, Head of the LG Innotek’s R&D Center. “We will continue to develop materials and components in various fields to provide new experiences to our customers.”

The company has filed thirteen patents regarding the related technologies in South Korea and secured the product quality for mass production in this year.

More information: LG Innotek

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