Luna Smart Home System includes ZigBee chip from Qorvo

The new Luna Smart Home System for energy management, from Levary, includes ZigBee chips from Qorvo’s Low Power Wireless business (formerly GreenPeak Technologies). Qorvo’s ZigBee Green Power chips enable secure, long range and highly reliable wireless transmission of data between the gateway and multiple sensors and activators of the Luna Smart Home System. Qorvo’s ZigBee Green Power chips’ very low current draw significantly extends battery life, making the system essentially maintenance free.

Smart energy is a top smart home adoption driver. By 2020, ON World projects that global annual revenue for smart home systems and services will exceed $26bn. “As smart home adoption accelerates, consumers have increasing demands and expectations for their systems,” says Mareca Hatler, Research Director, ON World. “Qorvo’s low power wireless innovations and ZigBee components are deployed in tens of millions of homes with a growing footprint worldwide.”

According to Annette Herber and Anita Hübner, Managing Directors, Levarys: “Our new Luna smart home solution gives customers a set of smart devices that seamlessly interact, creating more comfort at home, saving energy and making life easier. By choosing Qorvo’s ZigBee chips we can offer end users the reliable and flexible wireless network they need.”“

Luna Smart Home System
Luna Smart Home System

Qorvo’s Low Power Wireless business unit is where the smart home and IoT meet innovative chip design. By choosing our chips for the new Luna system, Levarys can provide future-proofed, scalable solutions to end users. Smart services that address real customer needs – instead of providing just engineering features – will further accelerate the growth of the connected world,” added Cees Links, General Manager, Low Power Wireless business unit, Qorvo.

Levarys’ new Luna Smart Home System consists of stylish thermostats, smart radiator valves; temperature, door and window sensors, and smart plugs that are wirelessly connected to the gateway. The flexibility of Qorvo’s wireless network allows Levarys to offer starter kits that can be extended with extra devices fitting the requirements of any house. With an easy-to-use app on a smartphone or tablet, users can turn devices on and off and control the thermostat while at home or on the road, providing comfort and significant energy savings. The Luna system also makes intelligent decisions based on input from sensors. For example, residents can efficiently heat individual rooms by combining a smart radiator valve with a small temperature and window sensor. If someone forgets to close a window, the Luna system will automatically stop heating the room. It will also turn the heating back on once the window is closed.

From the gateway to the smart plug, all Luna smart home devices are elegantly designed for today’s contemporary homes. In order to protect the personal data of the residents, information from the devices is collected and managed on secure servers hosted in a German data center. The new ZigBee Luna Smart Home System will be available as an end user kit at electronics retailers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as of September 2016.

Qorvo’s Low Power Wireless solutions offer superior range, robustness and best-in-class WiFi interference rejection with no latency in production-ready designs. Qorvo’s highly integrated RF solutions and SoCs allow quick time to market for customers serving the connected home and the rapidly growing IoT.

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