Medium Power Film Capacitor Series for DC Filtering Applications

AVV973 FFHV & FTHV Series Film Caps PR LAVX Corporation has released two new medium power film capacitor series designed for DC filtering applications, such as DC link or resonant filters, spanning 1,500 to 3,000VDC. Comprised of segmented, dry, metallized polypropylene film and completely sealed with both schoopage and resin, the new FFHV and FTHV Series capacitors provide a safe alternative to oil-filled high voltage power film capacitors, while delivering low dielectric losses, low ESR, high reliability, high ripple current, long lifetimes, robust signal protection, and controlled self-healing capabilities. Available in large case sizes up to 36 liters with high specific energy up to 380J/I, FFHV and FTHV Series medium power film capacitors are ideal for use in applications that prohibit the use of oil-impregnated capacitors, including power converters in traction, drive, renewable energy, and power transmission applications.

“Using our more than 30 years’ experience with advanced film capacitor technology, in addition to extensive research and testing procedures, we were able to combine the benefits of controlled self-healing capacitor technology with thinner, pure polypropylene film, allowing us to provide our customers with a comprehensive range of both standard and custom, high quality, high reliability solutions for DC filtering applications,” said John Gallipeau, power film field application engineer at AVX.

Both FFHV and FTHV Series capacitors are packaged in unpainted, rectangular aluminum cases that feature mounting brackets and either two or four M8/17 female terminals or M12/30 male terminals. Both series are rated for voltages spanning 1,500–3,000VDC, capacitance values spanning 590–12,600µF (±10%), and operating temperatures spanning -40°C to +85°C. Both series are also designed to meet 100,000-hour lifetimes at rated voltage and 70°C hot spot temperature, and are qualified to the following standards: IEC 61071, IEC 61881, IEC 60068-2, and EN 45545-2. FFHV Series medium power film capacitors feature a thermoplastic resin filled aluminum case, are available with heights spanning 230mm to 610mm (9.06” to 24.02”), and are qualified to three additional standards (UL 94, NF F 16-101, and NF F 16-102). FTHV Series medium power film capacitors feature a hermetically sealed aluminum case and are available with heights spanning 240mm to 620mm (9.45” to 24.41”).

For more information about AVX’s new FFHV and FTHV Series medium power film capacitors designed for DC filtering applications spanning 1,500 to 3,000VDC visit AVX.

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