Micro Buzzer includes industry’s smallest package in range

CUI’s  announce several new additions to its range of micro buzzers. The three new models are housed in compact, surface mount packages as small as 4 mm x 4 mm. Featuring profile depths as low as 1.9 mm and sound pressure levels (SPL) ranging from 65 dB up to 80 dB at 10 cm, these micro buzzers are ideal for a range of portable equipment applications.

Micro-Buzzers-print LThe CMT‑4023S‑SMT and CMT‑5023S‑SMT are magnetic transducer buzzers housed in compact footprints of 4 mm x 4 mm and 5 mm x 5 mm, respectively. Both buzzers feature a low profile of 2 mm, a rated voltage of 3 V and a rated frequency of 4 kHz. The CMT‑4023S‑SMT with its 4 mm x 4 mm package is among the smallest in the industry while carrying an SPL of 70 dB and an operating temperature range of -20°C to 70°C. The 5 mm CMT‑5023S‑SMT features an SPL of 80 dB with an operating temperature range of ‑30°C to 70°C. For applications where electrical noise is more of a concern, the 9 mm x 9 mm CPT‑9019S‑SMT features piezoelectric technology and a profile depth of 1.9 mm – making it one of the lowest profile piezo buzzers on the market. The series delivers a maximum peak-to-peak voltage of 25 V, a rated frequency of 4 kHz and an SPL of 65 dB. The operating temperature range for the CPT‑9019S‑SMT is -30°C to 70°C.  All three models are externally driven and suitable for use in designs requiring reflow solder assembly for high-volume production.

The CMT‑4023S‑SMT, CMT‑5023S‑SMT and CPT‑9019S‑SMT are available immediately through distribution with prices starting at $1.08 per unit at 1,000 pieces. Please contact CUI for OEM pricing.


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