Move over 3D! GE tech will let doctors take 7D images of the heart

Since heart disease contributes to so many deaths worldwide, GE Healthcare researchers are trying to combat it with software and technical skill sets.

Viosworks. (Image Credit: GE Healthcare)
Viosworks. (Image Credit: GE Healthcare)

Anja Brau, director of global cardiac magnetic resonance at GE Healthcare, and a team of cardiac specialists, physicists, engineers and software developers at GE Global Research in Munich are working on algorithms and building digital tools that can take MRI data and quickly reconstruct it so that doctors can see what’s going on from the inside.

The technology, called ViosWorks, can display 7-dimensional results in just 10 to 15 minutes: three in space, one in time, and three in velocity direction in order to show the actual blood flow in the heart depicted as a moving image.

According to GE Reports, this kind of imaging can be critical during heart attacks, which deprive the heart of blood and oxygen.

The software and algorithms help speed up the MRI imaging process and help doctors receive the images even faster. The newly developed tech also means that patients won’t have to hold their breath in order to capture a perfect image.

ViosWorks works with existing MRI machines.

GE Healthcare presented the technology at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) which took place in Chicago.

Watch the a 10 minute free-breathing scan of the heart using GE Healthcare’s ViosWorks.

Story via GE Reports.

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