Pokédrone enables trainers to be the very best


TRNDlabs have announced their Pokédrone, specially designed for all Pokémon Go players, the drone gives trainers the tools be the very best, like no one ever was.

To catch them, fly the drone to hard to reach areas, whether that be in the middle of a lake, or the top of a hill you just cannot be bothered to climb.

Once connected via WiFi to your phone, the Pokémon Go app uses the Pokédrone’s GPS and camera instead of the phone’s GPS and Camera.

With the Pokédrone’s auto take-off and land function there is no need to worry about your drone-flying skills, or lack thereof. The drone can also hover in one place making it super easy to catch ‘em all for everyone who is more into Pokémon than drones.

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More information: TRNDlabs

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