Powered workstation aids hospital staff

Avalue Technology’s healthcare alliance partner, Bytec Healthcare based in the UK, worked closely with Medifix Services Limited and Thin Client specialist to provide a powered workstation solution to aid hospital staff with patient care workflow efficiencies, allowing them to access vital patient information whilst on the move around the Hospital.

Using the latest in NMC battery technology (Nickel Manganese Cobalt), the Hot-Swap, Snap-n-Go Power Modules deliver continuous power 24 hours, 7 days a week using remote Quad-bay charging stations. The Geni-Tec mobile system supports workflow efficiency rates for healthcare clinicians.


“It’s nice to see how the nurses work with this solution. Bytec’s Powered Cart encouraged nurses to enter data where their patients can see them or alternatively wheel the cart somewhere to enter data away from the busy ward” said Diederik Eijer, Programme Manager at Northwest Hospital Group at Alkmaar.

The light, small footprint design of the Geni-Cart was appreciated by the nurses, one commenting, “it looks very slick”. Nurses no longer need to drag around heavy carts from ward to ward.

By adjusting the screen and height, they are able to interact with patients to share healthcare information at the bedside. This style of care encourages each patient to assert control over their well-being during their stay in hospital, actively resulting in shortened stay times.

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