Get Started With These Six Starter Development Kits

Six starter development kits of 2017 to get you going.

Starter Kit, Development Kit, SDK, reference designs. So many bundles to get your projects underway; out of your imagination and into production. But where to start? Let’s try with these six starter development kits from 2017 and boards to get those creative cogs turning.

6 Starter Development Kits

Click each dev kit to explore more.

DA14580 Dev Kit from Dialog Semiconductor

DA14580 Development Kit
Credit: Dialog Semiconductor

SmartFusion2 from Microsemi

SmartFusion2 Starter Kit
Credit: Microsemi

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B from Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
Credit: Raspberry Pi

BeagleBone Blue from BeagleBone

BeagleBone Blue
Credit: BeagleBone

Arduino Uno Rev3 from Arduino

Arduino Uno Rev3 starter development kits
Credit: Arduino

SimpleLink LaunchPad Dev Kit from Texas Instruments

SimpleLink MSP432P401R LaunchPad Starter Development Kits
Credit: Texas Instruments

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