Solutions showcased for smart driving and smart factories

At electronica this year ST is showcasing products and solutions that enable smarter driving and smarter factories, cities and homes, as well as the next gen Internet of Things devices. Smarter driving means safer, greener and more connected driving.

It is a vision of a near-future of “intelligent”, connected, networked and affordable vehicles enabling safer, less congested transportation and allowing passengers to spend their travel time differently, all of this while strongly reducing emissions.

Key building blocks here include: Components for ADAS systems, infotainment and telematics, automotive processors for all the car’s subsystems and power components including those for electric vehicles.

Smarter factories means doing things more efficiently, more flexibly and in a more environmentally friendly manner. It also means the manufacturing will be safer for people working there. To achieve this industrial infrastructure will evolve in three directions: More efficient – through increased component and system efficiency as well as digital power management. More intelligent and aware – with distributed microcontrollers and sensors, and more connected – through wired and wireless communications as well as data security solutions.

ST will also showcase the latest innovations for developers of Smart Things for the IoT with a complete developer ecosystem built around the STM32 microcontroller family and an array of sensors, connectivity, power and analogue products. Booth: A5 207.

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