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Apple and Arm’s Chip Tech Deal

You can find out a lot in an SEC filing. For example, information such as Apple's new deal with ARM on chip technology through 2040 and beyond. ARM’s IPO will hit the NASDAQ exchange in the coming weeks at a total valuation as high as…

Apple’s Siri to Read Lips

In the not-too-distant future (likely not next Sunday, AD), Apple's Siri will use motion detection to read lips, eliminating the use of a microphone. It seems that it’s more difficult for Siri to accurately understand spoken commands, so…

This is Not a Car Crash, Apple

It seemed like a good idea—you're driving, get into an accident, and your iPhone 14 and Apple Watch come to the rescue—helping the driver get emergency services. However, it seems that the technology is overachieving a bit. Not only does…
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