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Digitizing the Sense of Smell

While vision and hearing are already digitized, the sense of smell has proven to be more complex and perplexing. Researchers at Monell Chemical Senses Center and start-up Osmo, which was spun out of machine learning research at Google…

A First: Robot Able to Smell

We've come a long way. Eight years ago, I updated an article series I originally contributed to Digi-Key in 2011. That update, The Five Senses of Sensors—Part I: Smell, Taste, and Hearing, discusses the technology that was available at the…

Thoughtworks: ML to Propel IoT

Thoughtworks released Volume 27 of the Technology Radar, a biannual report based on the company’s global observations, conversations, and frontline experiences solving tough business challenges. With the growth of computational power on…
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