This smartwatch has a 4.7″ flexible OLCD display

While bendable electronics are in the works all over the engineering world, UK-based company, FlexEnable just showed off a smartwatch that includes one of its flexible OLCD displays at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

(Image via Cambridge University Enterprises)
(Image via University of Cambridge Enterprises)

The company created the 0.3 mm-thick screen to bend around the user’s entire wrist to show off what can be done with its new display and sensor technology.

Flexible displays would mean that wearables can begin conforming to the user, while maintaining lightweight and thin composition.

FlexEnable’s OLCD prototype also runs vivid colors to demonstrate that flexible electronics don’t compromise graphics properties.

The flexible wearable is based on FlexEnable’s flexible transistor technology which has already been used to create glass-free, unbreakable displays in the market.

“The market for wearable devices, and the applications enabled by these devices, is growing fast. However, form-factor constraints and rigidness of components, particularly the display, present challenges for wearables that limit design options and utility,” said Chuck Milligan, CEO of FlexEnable.

Story via University of Cambridge Enterprises.

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