This wearable teaches you perfect posture by sending vibrations into your neck

Slouching isn’t only physically unappealing, it can also cause a tremendous amount of neck and back pain. To solve this problem in a high-tech way, a company called Namu has invented a wearable called Alex that clips on behind your ears and neck to track your body’s exact position and then alert you when you’re slouching.

(Image via Alex)
(Image via Alex)

When you’ve had poor posture for more than a few minutes, Alex vibrates gently on the back of your neck, notifying you that you need to improve. You can customize the exact length of time and the intensity of the vibration using the companion smartphone app.

The app also lets you track your progress over time and monitors your posture in real-time.

The device works by tracking the angle of your neck and the position of your head, relative to your body, which means it can tell if you’re looking too far down or if you’re holding your head too far forward.

The app also comes with an avatar mode which allows you to view and manage posture changes in real-time. The app provides graphs that track your progress toward improving your posture.

App features. (Image via Alex)

The contraption uses Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy which can help save your smartphone or tablet’s battery life and extends the device’s battery life to seven days.

Last month, the company launched a Kickstarter campaign, which raised over $70,000 in funding. The campaign ended earlier this month so you won’t be able to secure an earl-bird price, but you can still find out about ordering information on the company’s website.

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