Tiny connected knobs smarten up your ordinary kitchen stove

Cooking is fun and delicious, but can sometimes be dangerous. According to The US National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA), 162,400 fires per year or 34% of reported home fires are a result of unattended cooking.

That’s why a Canada-based start-up company invented a device that can transform an ordinary oven into a smarter one by sending notifications about the status of your food or oven.

(Image via Toch Smarturns/ Kickstarter)
(Image via Toch Smarturns/ Kickstarter)

Toch Smarturns automatically monitors activity within the area around your stove when the burners are on. If you walk away from the stove for an extended period while the burners are still on, the device will alert you via alarms from the hub, along with a mobile phone notification to return to your unattended stove.

Smarturns was developed to help keep families and homes safer, as well as prevent burnt cookware and food, and energy loss. An additional inspiration for the device was to help aging senior citizens living more independently and safely.

The device is compatible with most commonly used electric and gas stoves that use knobs to operate the burners.

The Toch Smarturns system includes either two or four intelligent knobs, a hub, a motion sensor , and eight adapters. The device works in conjunction with a free mobile app available for both iOS and Android.


Toch Smarturns works with mobile app. (Image via Toch Smarturns)
Toch Smarturns works with mobile app. (Image via Toch Smarturns)

The Smarturn app provides real-time status updated about you home stove. and even informs parents if  a child has turned on the stove unexpectedly or left it unattended. The knobs can be hooked up to multiple devices, allowing children to keep a close eye on their elderly parents to ensure safety.

If you can’t quite remember whether or not you turned off your stove, the lets you check the real time status of your stove.


The smart knobs are currently available on Kickstarter, where the company hopes to raise almost $50,000 to get this product on the market and gauge interest. Right now, you can snag a 2-knob package at an early-bird rate of $90, with shipping expected in January.

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