Transform ordinary surfaces into touchscreens with this mini projector

Imagine interacting with your wall or desk in the same way you would your smartphone or tablet.

Thanks to a mini-projector called Lazertouch, that may actually be a possibility.

(Image via Easitech)
(Image via Easitech)

The Lazertouch, created by China-based Shanghai Easi Computer Technology is different from the projector technology you were familiar with in school or the kind you currently use in the office — if any these days.

Instead, this projector turns the projection screen into a touchscreen. So, for example if a group of colleagues is in a meeting, projecting materials onto a desk screen, the members can scroll and navigate the pages and buttons using their fingertips.

The Lazertouch mini projector a screen up to 80 inches onto a wall or other surface, which users can use to write on with an accompanying pen. The projector offers all of the features of a traditional whiteboard.

(Image via Easitech)
(Image via Easitech)

The projector works by emitting an invisible laser beam that runs parallel to the projection screen. When a person’s finger touches the laser beam, included sensors detect the movement and creates the responsive action.

If you’re interested in purchasing one, the company has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign where you can purchase one for an early-bird rate of $475, with expected delivery in July.

Watch a demonstration.

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