Video of the Day: Robotic cockroach jumps over 5 feet in the air

Meet JumpRoACH, the latest robotic tech from Seoul National University in South Korea. JumpRoACH contains a milli-scale height-adjustable jumping mechanism that allows it to jump over five feet in the air.

The team even collaborated with UC Berkely researchers to provide the 60-gram robotic cockroach with the ability to flip over and then continue running, just like the real pesky creatures.

According to IEEE, most jumping robots employ a spring mechanism which provides a good amount of power, but nothing like the power that JumpRoACH possess. This is because the team’s scalable jumping mechanism, which contains a diamond-shaped bar linkage with joints just like knees. The system’s eight latex bands  store energy as they stretch when the linkage is compressed, which occurs with the help of a wire, a pulley, and a DC motor. This system can”potentially scale from itty bitty hops all the way up to aircraft carrier catapult launch (or almost), said IEEE.

Watch the robot here.

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