Watch out for kids driving little Tesla cars around the neighborhood

Elon Musk wasn’t content just producing electric vehicles for those of driving age, so he decided to venture out into the kids’ realm too. With the help of Radio Flyer, the 80-year-old company known for its iconic red wagon, Tesla cars will be shrunk down to child’s size.

Tesla Model S for kids. (Image via Radio Flyer)
Tesla Model S for kids.                   (Image via Radio Flyer)

This Spring, you may bump into a fully featured, fully customizable Tesla Model S — with a child behind the wheel.

Each vehicle comes equipped with high-end features in order to recreate the Tesla experience. Consumers can choose the paint color, performance, accessories and other personalized features.
The car’s headlights really work, its comes with forward and reverse capabilities, and even a sound system that can be hooked up to your iPod.
The Radio Flyer Tesla Model S features a long run-time and quick re-charge time thanks to the incorporated FlightSpeed Lithium-Ion battery technology. While cruising, speeds can be switch between a top speed of 6 mph or a parent-limited speed of 3 mph.

 You can pre-order one now for $500 and it will ship to you in May 2016.

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