TS13102 and TS13103 solid state relays enable self-powered control systems in IoT applications

Solid state relays now feature next-gen energy harvesting

Semtech has announced the production release of the TS13102 and TS13103 solid state relays. These enhanced solid state relays expand the company’s Neo-Iso product platform and enable self-powered control systems in IoT applications, such as smart thermostats, alarm panels, factory automation systems, smart controls and more. The TS13102 solid state relay can autonomously harvest energy even when its switch is closed and without the assistance of a microcontroller. The harvested…

BLE technology enables breakthrough hearing aid

Bluetooth enables direct streaming between hearing aid & smartphones

Oticon has licensed and deployed the CEVA RivieraWaves Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology for use as part of the Bluetooth implementation in its recently announced Oticon Opn hearing aid. Oticon Opn combines breakthrough technologies to “help people with hearing loss hear better, with less effort and better recall” including the innovative TwinLink technology which incorporates both binaural processing & direct connectivity into a single hearing aid design. This unique combination…

More flexible traffic management, without sacrificing speed

Programmable routers enable more flexible traffic management

Like all data networks, the networks that connect servers in giant server farms, or servers and workstations in large organizations, are prone to congestion. When network traffic is heavy, packets of data can get backed up at network routers or dropped altogether. Also like all data networks, big private networks have control algorithms for managing network traffic during periods of congestion. But because the routers that direct traffic in a…

Researchers have developed a new way of imaging the middle ear using infrared light, which they say could provide much more accurate diagnosis of ear infections.

IR device could help to improve diagnosis of ear infections

A new device developed by researchers at MIT and a physician at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center could greatly improve doctors’ ability to accurately diagnose ear infections. That could drastically reduce the estimated 2 million cases per year in the United States where such infections are incorrectly diagnosed and unnecessary antibiotics are prescribed. Such overprescriptions are considered a major cause of antibiotic resistance. The new device, whose design is still being…

Infection after total knee replacement is a serious and complex complication. Smart Spacer consists of a purpose-designed TKR prosthesis with a smart innovative surface coating.

Bio-active smart implants actively fight post-operative infection

Funding has been provided by Innovate UK supporting the next stage in development of a bio-active implant, Smart Spacer, which will counter post-operative infection following knee surgery. The programme has the potential to substantially reduce the £300 million that these complications cost the NHS. Implant manufacturers MatOrtho, Leatherhead, UK, and advanced metal coating developer the Wallwork Group in Cambridge are leading the programme. Significant support with clinical trials and evaluation…

A6274 & A6284

Adjustable linear current regulators suited for automotive LED lighting

Allegro MicroSystems Europe has announced two new adjustable linear current regulators for driving automotive LED arrays. Allegro’s AEC-Q100 qualified A6274 and A6284 devices include many new features designed to further enhance the existing family of linear LED drivers. These new low-EMI ICs integrate an optional pre-regulator gate drive to dynamically and linearly control an external P-channel MOSFET, which extends the output power capability of a linear LED driver by moving…

The world's first EMVCo compliant payment ring is based on a contactless security chip from Infineon Technologies AG. The tiny, water-proof smart wearable works like a contactless payment card. Users can pay by simply holding their finger with the ring closely to any EMVCo contactless-enabled payment terminal.

World’s first NFC payment ring powered by Infineon’s contactless security chip

Whether at the beach, on the daily jog, or at the gym: from now on, everyone can carry money discreetly on the body. NFCRing has introduced the world’s first EMVCo compliant payment ring based on a contactless security chip from Infineon Technologies. The tiny, water-proof smart wearable works like a contactless payment card. Users can pay by simply holding their finger with the ring closely to any EMVCo contactless-enabled payment…

MIT graduate student George Ni holds a bubble-wrapped, sponge-like device that soaks up natural sunlight and heats water to boiling temperatures, generating steam through its pores.

Bubble-wrapped sponge creates steam using ambient sunlight

How do you boil water? Eschewing the traditional kettle and flame, MIT engineers have invented a bubble-wrapped, sponge-like device that soaks up natural sunlight and heats water to boiling temperatures, generating steam through its pores. The design, which the researchers call a “solar vapor generator,” requires no expensive mirrors or lenses to concentrate the sunlight, but instead relies on a combination of relatively low-tech materials to capture ambient sunlight and…

modern laptop showing ferrite bead impedance calculator

Vishay adds industry’s first ferrite bead impedance calculator to website

Vishay Intertechnology has announced that its Vishay Inductors Division has introduced the industry’s first online ferrite bead impedance calculator. Available at www.vishay.com/inductors/ferrite-bead-calculator/, the time-saving online tool makes it simple to find the impedance of Vishay’s most popular surface-mount ferrite beads at any given frequency and calculate the effective impedance at the stated frequency with DC bias applied. To help designers easily incorporate Vishay’s surface-mount ferrite beads into any application for…

M12 PFT Slim Design

Space-saving M12 panel feed through provides PushPull locking

HARTING has added a new space-saving female Panel Feed Through (PFT) with a PushPull locking mechanism to its range of M12 connectors, making it easier to connect Fast Ethernet and 10Gb/s Ethernet cables in applications where space is limited. The new M12 PFT Slim Design, available with D and X coding, is compatible with both HARTING M12 PushPull connectors and the standard M12 devices with the familiar screw fitting. This…