100V MOSFET H-bridge Reduces Footprint with 5mm x 4.5mm Package

The DMHC10H170SFJ introduced by Diodes Incorporated is a 100V full H-bridge incorporating dual N-channel and P-channel MOSFETs into a tiny DFN5045 package (5mm x 4.5mm). This configuration reduces component count and board space, which is especially important in applications that require multiple devices, such as the array of ultrasonic transducers used for industrial Diodes DMHC10H170SFJ Linspection systems or found in marine sonar equipment. Other common applications include driving DC motors in 48V telecom fans and other inductive loads such as the coils in wireless charging pads.

The DMHC10H170SFJ has a 100V drain-source breakdown voltage (BVDSS) providing sufficient headroom to support 48V telecom rails and industrial applications, while having a 5V gate voltage to simplify designs with a direct logic level interface to MCUs. An 11A peak pulse current rating also means the device can handle the in-rush current from energizing a coil, which is usually greater than five times the typical operating current of a DC motor.

The DMHC10H170SFJ is able to replace four SOT23 or two SO-8 packages, which enables compact arrays of multiple ultrasonic transducers. An example of this is 1024 transducers each needing to be individually driven with an H-bridge, providing steerable and focused beams for phased-array systems. Such systems are used in manufacturing for material flaw inspection or in marine echo‑location systems.

Supplied in a V-DFN5045-12 package, providing a uniquely small solution in this market, the DMHC10H170SFJ is priced at $0.50 each in 3k piece quantities.

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