Mouser Stocking TI’s TPS25810 USB Type-C DFP Controller for Host Devices

Mouser Electronics is now stocking the TPS25810 USB Type-C downstream-facing port (DFP) controller from Texas Instruments (TI). The highly integrated TPS25810 controller provides all the TI TPS25810 DFP Controller Lfunctionality necessary to support a USB Type-C DFP (host) in a system that does not have USB Power Delivery (PD) source capabilities. The controller is ideal for systems such as a USB Type-C host port in notebook computers for sleep charging, LCD monitor/docking station and charging cradles, and USB Type-C wall chargers.

The TPS25810 USB Type-C DFP controller, now available from Mouser Electronics, monitors the two configuration channel (CC) pins to determine when a USB device is attached as well as the device orientation. The TPS25810 also identifies when Type-C audio or debug accessories are attached. The TPS25810 integrates a 3A, 34-mOhm power switch, which has two selectable fixed current limits (1.5A or 3A) that align with the Type-C current levels. The controller applies power to VBUS when it detects an upstream-facing port (UFP), and applies power to VCONN when it detects a powered cable. The controller also offers overcurrent or over-temperature protection, as well as power management to multiple high-current Type-C ports when all ports cannot simultaneously provide high current.

The TPS25810 draws less than 0.7µA (typical) when no device is attached. The controller offers additional system power savings in low-power states (S4/S5) by running from an auxiliary supply (AUX) which can lower the supply voltage from 5.5V to 3.3V.

The TPS25810 module is supported by the TPS25810EVM-745 Evaluation Module, which contains inputs and outputs as well as several test points and jumpers for easy configuration and evaluation of the TPS25810 features.

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