11:59 Unveils Business GenAI Accelerator Program

11:59 launched its GenAI Accelerator for Business to help companies of any size leverage the power of GenAI. The program focuses on rapid experimentation, learning from small failures, and quick iteration to develop a viable product. This approach ensures an easy transition to experimentation using Zero In, 11:59’s GenAI Accelerator platform. The program integrates the expertise, tools, and infrastructure needed to build GenAI solutions while mitigating risks. 

The GenAI Accelerator program is built to assist clients at any stage of their GenAI journey. From workshops offered by the company to use-case development to launching a pilot on Zero In—with a goal of launching a use case within four to six weeks. The fail-fast mentality enables clients to learn from mistakes as they leverage GenAI to transform their business. 

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