1Hz to 100MHz signal generator in USB-sized package

Saelig TDDS100-48Saelig Company announces the availability of the USB-stick-sized TDDS100-48 – a laboratory quality Direct Digital Synthesized RF signal source with a frequency range of 1Hz to 100MHz and a minimum of 0dBm output power that is available from its SMA female socket. The TDDS100-48 is the smallest USB-controlled DDS synthesized source available and is priced significantly below other offerings. The high purity source can be swept in steps as low as 1Hz between any two frequencies in its specified range. Frequency changes are phase-continuous, so there are no glitches and phase noise is better than -140dBc @ 100kHz. Second and third harmonics are below -60dBc at 10MHz.

The unit also contains 0.5GB of flash memory used for installation files, test data, and other supporting documentation. Current consumption from the USB2.0 interface is 200mA @ 5V. The TDDS100-48 is controlled using the provided easy-use graphical interface software which features both numeric entry and slider controls for setup and adjustment.

Applications include: local oscillator for frequency conversion, scalar measurements, pure tone reference signal, etc. Two or more units can be combined for multitone testing. Use of an optional Telemakus hub allows the source to remain in a given state even after the host PC is removed from the system.

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