23% of UK Parents Claim their Child is Addicted to Gaming

ID Crypt Global just released a survey of 1,300 UK parents, showing that 23% say their child is addicted to gaming. It’s not only the time spent playing that’s concerning; they report that their child becomes annoyed, frustrated, or angry when prevented from playing on their device.

Highlights of the survey include:
• 75% say that their child games via a console or handheld device
• 79% do so online with friends (50%), other gamers (2%), or both (27%)
• 38% of parents believe that the number of hours they spend gaming is excessive
• 33% say their child games for more than 10 hours a week, 11% between 11 to 15 hours, 10% for between 16 to 20 hours, while 10% claim their child games for more than 20 hours a week
• 41% of parents state that their child becomes annoyed, frustrated, or angry if they are prevented from gaming, and 42% say they also spend less time outside because they game
• 12% also say their child regularly spends money when gaming, with 8% having had their child spend the parents’ money on gaming without permission

It’s being suggested that security measures be put in place to monitor such activities, starting with the protection of their online and digital identities and the ability for parents and gaming platforms alike to spot worrying trends in their usage.

There’s little doubt that many of these children are addicted to gambling—however, some thoughts of my own.

I have a handful of kids, and we’ve been down this path. Gaming was allowed for a limited number of weekend hours only. I’ve tossed a handheld device off a 2nd story porch when, after repeated warnings, the child didn’t stop gaming and even hid the device from me.

A final thought: I see many families at restaurants with their very young kids. The kids are trying to interact with the parents—but they’re both on their cell phones—gaming.

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