7 Optoelectronics Technologies Supporting the Fight Against COVID-19

Optoelectronic technologies benefit our daily lives in many ways, but very few realize how they are playing a key role in the fight against COVID-19, especially with technologies such as information and communication, infrared, precision optics, and optoelectronic sensors.

That’s why the China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE) has decided to share how some of its exhibitors are fighting the COVID-19 with their outstanding optoelectronics technologies.

IRay Technology, one of the high-tech enterprises focusing on infrared FPA detectors and thermal imaging modules, took immediate action to manufacture infrared thermal imagers as soon as the breakout of COVID-19. Temperature detection is one key procedure for screening suspected cases. Therefore, infrared thermal imaging is the ideal and advanced technology featuring wide range screening, real-time monitoring and accuracy between 0.3℃ and 0.5℃. It is widely equipped in public areas like airport, railway station, bus stops, factory, office building, hospital, school. Under this emergent situation, IRay engineers are dispatched to support the forefront like Wuhan Xiehe Hospital, and anywhere in need all around the nation such as Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Chengdu Railway Station, Beijing Metro Line 7, etc.

Due to the largest demands on the thermal imaging products, leading infrared and optics enterprises like DALI Technology, Guide Infrared, SATIR donated products to the quarantined areas and dispatched engineering support for on-site assembling and operation training.

Sunell rolled out its Body Temperature Detection Network Camera that integrates facial recognition into the thermal imaging system, which can recognize one’s identity, collect real-time data and irritate the warning system when unusual temperature has been detected.

HIK VISION donated infrared thermal imagers, equipment and systems for the frontier of quarantine. HIK collaborated with national television to live broadcast the quarantine in Wuhan. It also offers thousands of online education service to help students to study at home, and provides cloud video conferencing service to help enterprises with remote office.

YOFC voluntarily organized a team of engineers to assist in the Huoshenshan construction. The company donated its communication products and medical materials through their headquarters and oversea branches in order to help with combat of COVID-19.

Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics of CAS and its subsidiary incubating companies have donated their national-invention-patent-product infrared projection vein finder to the hospitals. It will be very difficult to find a patient’s vein for injection during the epidemic while wearing a whole protective suit. This vein finder can visualize the vein and increase injection efficiency.

Intelligent service robots took place of manpower to serve in the hospital to reduce the shortage of labor force. Leishen, an Intelligent System manufacturer, put various LiDARs on the market to empower robotics in order to automatically realize functions such as delivery, disinfecting and cleaning, patrol and temperature measuring. It helps significantly in epidemic prevention and control.

Learn more about optoelectronic technologies fighting COVID19 at: http://www.cioe.cn/en

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