75% of Employers Want AI Proficiency: Webinar

It sure didn’t take long for AI to permeate nearly every industry and corporate strategy. However, the burgeoning number of companies delving into AI means that employees with AI experience are in extremely high demand.

Reports, including the AI Index, indicate that more than 60% of new jobs require basic AI skills. The disconnect is that less than 20% of college students feel prepared to use the technology effectively. 77% of companies are either using or exploring using AI, emphasizing the growing demand, and 75% of employers are now seeking candidates with AI proficiency. Higher education needs to address the gap rapidly.

Innovative Educators is hosting a webinar, “Are Your Students AI Ready For Fall? Essential AI Literacy Tools For Academic Integrity & Success,” designed to prepare educational leaders to integrate AI literacy training. The webinar will be held on June 18th, 3-4 ET, and offers strategic insights into fostering academic integrity and enhancing employability through AI education, touching on the following:

  • Strategic Educational Development: Position your institution at the forefront of educational innovation, enhancing its attractiveness to prospective students and faculty.
  • Comprehensive Learning Outcomes: Equip your students with the knowledge to use AI tools effectively and ethically, fostering a campus-wide culture of responsible and innovative technology use.
  • Future-Proof Your Curriculum: As AI becomes more pervasive, your students will be ahead of the curve, ready to transition into the workforce with a competitive edge.

Register at: Are Your Students AI Ready For Fall? Essential AI Literacy Tools For Academic Integrity & Success.

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