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A Close Up Of The Ferrari 2014 F1 Engine Parts

Due to the bankruptcy and public sale of some assets of the former Marussia F1 Team, you can now take a very up-close look at some of the car’s parts from 2014.

Peter Bjorck for instance has bought a number of Ferrari engine parts, including the water-to-air intercooler and the unique butterfly wastegate from the Ferrari 059/3 engine as it ran during the 2014 season, the first year of the new hybrid turbo engines in F1.

In the above clip, Peter walks us through the intercooler, which sat in the engine’s V. Air flew through it to cool it down before being guided towards the cylinder air intake plenums, one for each cylinder bank. Unpacking shows 16240 small water pipes in the aluminum intercooler.

Source Formula 1

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