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A running lab in your shoe

RUNVI is the next generation wearable delivering the most accurate data on the market. Including detailed technique analysis and complete profile of biomechanics, as well as smart coaching on the run. It makes sense of the users data to produce a tailored training plan that continuously optimizes goals, performance and progression.

There are no visible clip-ons or bulky gadgets to compromise your training or personal style. Just connect RUNVI iOS app with the RUNVI SMART insoles that fit into your regular running shoes and enjoy your next best run.

RUNVI combines training science, cutting-edge sensor and AI technology in a wearable that’s much more advanced and accurate than any fitness tracker or running app.

It collects and analyzes every little detail of your running technique and overall performance. Beyond the basic key running metrics, it features advanced running metrics such as: Cadence, Foot-Strike Pattern and Symmetry. This data is used to guide the consumer through training plans, optimize running technique and reduce risk of injury.

Power up your performance

Power is a performance metric that’s made a breakthrough in the running world. It’s the most sophisticated way to control running intensity and the RUNVI cutting-edge sensor technology aims to take it to the next level.

A continuous measurement is given while running which will help in running more effectively any distance and on any terrain. Learning how to run with power will result in running better, further and faster.

Run like a pro

RUNVI’s AI technology collects and analyzes your data while running and delivers completely personalized voice & audio coaching in real-time. Just like a personal trainer, the AI coach can tell when you’re running into the risk of injury or fatigue, or when your running technique isn’t optimal.

It delivers very simple, actionable instructions to improve technique and run better, all while you run.

Unlock your potential

RUNVI features adaptive training programs based 100% on the user, the goals they set, their individual running technique and their historical & real-time performances. The training plans are dynamic, meaning they continuously optimize with your running technique and improvements.

The more you use RUNVI, the smarter it gets.

Find out more about RUNVI on the Kickstarter page, here.

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