A Smart Home Needs a Smart Coffee Table with a Voice-Activated Refrigerator

Ok, your house is smart. It’s got every connected device you could ever need, reports on your latest energy usage, keeps everything safe and secure, and does all of this at fast speeds. But does your coffee table have a voice-activated refrigerator? Can it charge your phone wirelessly? Can you ask it questions?

A company called Coosno is looking to re-define traditional household furniture in a very new way. The company launched two high-tech versions of the modern coffee table: the Coosno Bar and Coosno Home.

The futuristic coffee table serves as a refrigerator, sound system, party hub and storage space for any room in the home.

The design team at Coosno, a group of smart home experts, has created a modern coffee table for the future that will make home life, entertaining and modern living more convenient and fun.

“Today’s home is more than a place to live. It is a gathering place for friends and loved ones and a center for one’s social community. We believe that smart home devices can add convenience, style and fun to home and social life. We want Coosno to be a helpful tool for sharing the best moments in life with friends and family,” said Brook Deng, CEO of Coosno.

Tell me about this Coosno…

Coosno acts as a coffee or accessory table in any room of the house and is useful in living rooms, home theaters, man caves, and entertaining spaces. It has storage drawers built into its sleek design and comes equipped with an automatic, LED-lighted, lift-up lid that conceals a large refrigerator space for drinks, snacks and party treats. It also houses multiple Bluetooth speakers in a stereo array that can stream music from smartphones and other mobile devices. Its glowing LED top can be programmed to synchronize with music for a glowing, pulsing, strobe-light effect for ambiance. And, to keep guests powered up and turned on, Coosno has wireless charging capabilities built-in. Users can charge their phone by simply setting it down on the LED top.

What else? Coosno comes with a powerful Google assistant so you can use simple voice commands, to access any information instantly. Enjoy Spotify or other streaming services, set calendars, control lighting and other smart home features, check the weather, order food, set reminders and more.

All of the features are controlled by an app and voice commands.

This unique smart home furnishing has launched on Indiegogo with special deals and discounts for early adopters. To learn more visit the Coosno campaign.

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