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Accelerating Digital Transformation for Global Car Manufacturers


ServerFarm has signed a partnership to provide data center management services for a global automotive brand. In the rapidly changing mobility and transportation market, the automotive company is transforming its physical digital infrastructure to pave the way for wide-scale adoption of next generation technologies including 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

The company’s goal is to deliver better and more efficient automotive technology, products and services to both customers and employees across the world.

InCommand Services are being delivered globally across dozens of data centers that comprise the auto manufacturer’s global IT footprint to deliver breakthrough asset, capacity and change management. InCommand Services will also deliver 24/7 NOC and Service Desk capabilities, as well as coordination, mobilization and validation of all onsite resources.

“InCommand Services allow customer’s IT and data center organizations to cloudify physical infrastructure across all data center environments, whether on-premise or in the cloud,” said Avner Papouchado, Founder and CEO of ServerFarm. “Our customers trust us to manage their IT and data center environments so they can focus on innovation and developing new products and services. InCommand remains unique in its capability to deliver end-to-end managed services in data centers, and we’re honored to be an integral part of the digital transformation of this household name.”

The delivery of a single ‘as-a-service’ experience combining onsite staff with on-demand resources, ticketing systems, change control procedures, and demand and capacity management, has seen the car manufacturer already reap the benefits of more dynamic, reliable and flexible data center environments.

In addition to an immediate reduction in operational risk, staffing levels and costs, the company is maximizing reliability, overall efficiency and capacity utilization.

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