Aeva Rolls First 4D LiDAR on NVIDIA DRIVE Sim

The NVIDIA DRIVE Sim platform now supports Aeva’s Aeries 4D LiDAR sensors. The Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) 4D LiDAR sensors detect 3D position and instant velocity for each point at distances up to 500 meters.

The NVIDIA DRIVE Sim end-to-end platform runs large-scale, physically based, multi-sensor, autonomous vehicle simulation to improve developer productivity and accelerate time to market.

“DRIVE Sim was designed to accurately model advanced sensors such as 4D LiDARs,” said Zvi Greenstein, general manager of automotive at NVIDIA. “The physics-based and time-accurate simulation allows Aeva and its customers to train perception networks, accelerate development and validate software before deploying to production fleets.”

Developers now have access to Aeva’s 4D LiDAR models to increase simulation capabilities and streamline testing and development.

The sensors deliver next-wave driver assistance and autonomous vehicle capabilities using FMCW technology that is not possible with legacy time-of-flight 3D LiDAR sensors, including:

  • Instant Velocity Detection
  • Ultra-Long-Range Performance
  • Ultra-Resolution
  • Road Hazard Detection
  • Semantic Segmentation

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