AI Driven: Volkswagen’s Revolutionary Technology

The Volkswagen Group believes that digital products based on AI are critical for its future success. New infotainment and navigation apps, high-performance voice recognition, expanded vehicle functions, and integration of digital ecosystems in the vehicle are all front and center of the company’s plans. Volkswagen has created a new AI lab, networked competence center, and incubator, and the company will rely on it to brainstorm and organize potential products.

Going forward, they will consider involving the European, Chinese, and American tech sectors on an as-needed basis. They want to streamline their partnerships with digital businesses to take full advantage of the AI industry’s rapid innovation rate. Creating digital prototypes quickly and transferring them to the Group brands for deployment is the goal. 

At the forefront are services linking the car to the user’s digital world and high-performance speech recognition. Electric car charging cycles optimized by AI, predictive maintenance, and vehicle-infrastructure networking are all in this category.

The AI Lab will collaborate with other organizations to develop potential concepts and create early prototypes. The Supervisory Board will be comprised of senior officials from brand groupings.

Streamlined processes, easier cooperation between digital businesses and the automotive industry, and more communication amongst equal players in the fast-paced AI sector are all outcomes of AI Lab’s lean but powerful structure and the direct participation of brand groups in the Supervisory Board.

The Labs are already yielding results. International tech businesses are already in the exploratory stages of talking about the initial goods.

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