ALIYOS LED-on-foil Technology Delivers Unprecedented Effects in Automotive Lighting

Based on unique transparency, thinness, flexibility, and the ability to quickly meet brightness regulations, thousands of new design possibilities exist for car manufacturers using ALIYOS technology.

AMS OSRAM introduced its ALIYOS LED-on-foil technology that enables customized light emission patterns and multi-segment lights in new configurations such as 3-D structures or ‘invisible’ lights on curved panels. Unique characteristics, including transparency, thinness, 2.5D bendability, and freedom to create special lighting effects, allow customers to differentiate their lighting solutions and express brand personality.

ALIYOS technology enables ams OSRAM to apply mini-LEDs on a thin, flexible, transparent substrate. Connected by nearly invisible metal traces, the mini-LEDs can be arranged with a large degree of freedom to form any shape.

ALIYOS technology enables ams OSRAM to apply mini-LEDs on a thin, flexible, and
transparent substrate.

They can be positioned to perform standard lighting functions such as a stop light or turn indicator, using custom shapes, animation effects, and display symbols, words, images, or abstract patterns for decoration, information, or warning.

Transparency makes the light seem to appear out of nowhere. Multiple foil assemblies can be placed behind each other to create dramatic new 3D lighting and animation effects. The LED-on-foil technology can be applied to curved body panels and is invisible when turned off.

The aim is to enable the first cars with the technology by the end of 2025 and to achieve qualification for compliance with automotive quality and safety standards by now.

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