AmberSemi Intros a New Standard in Power Management and Sensing

At APEC 2023, Amber Semi will demonstrate a new standard in power management and sensing in prototype applications, including solid-state programmable circuit breakers, lighting, motor control, smart outlets, etc., powered by its breakthrough solid-state architecture.

AmberSemi’s three core technologies are rooted in a novel way, digitally controlling the physics of electricity in silicon chips. The breakthroughs include:

  • Amber Programmable AC Switch Controller enabling arc-free switching thousands of times faster than today’s standard technologies
  • AC Direct DC Enabler, offering DC extraction directly from AC mains without the use of rectifier bridges, filtering, and transformers
  • AC Direct Sensingfor continuous awareness of the state of electricity

AmberSemi claims its disruptive breakthroughs will upgrade the 1950s-era electromechanical-based endpoints in every electrical product and building to become smarter, safer, and smaller. Integrating AmberSemi’s three breakthroughs into silicon chipsets will deliver universal power solutions for electrical products, increase performance capabilities and the feature potential of electrical products like solid-state circuit breakers, motors, outlets, light switches, and such semiconductor solutions as microcontrollers, wireless radios, and sensors.

Advantages include smaller form factor products for easier installation, dynamic, programmable power for more flexible configurations, and global compatibility. AmberSemi expects the product integration process to begin with key partners later in 2023, resulting in end products as early as 2024.

At APEC, the company will demonstrate an AmberSemi-powered solid-state smart retrofit circuit breaker that enables programmability, wireless connectivity, trip information, wireless notifications, energy metering, wireless reset on/off, and arc-free switchingIt will also demonstrate AmberSemi-powered smart outlets and dimmer switches facilitating up to 10 functions in a single standard gang box footprint, including: manual on/off, wireless on/off, temperature sensing, humidity sensing, power metering, manual dimming, wireless dimming, indoor air quality, dangerous gas detection, and motion detection

AmberSemi’s CEO, Thar Casey, will lead an education seminar titled “AC Direct Digitization of Electricity – The NEW Emerging Solid-State Standard for Power Management” on Tuesday, 3/21, from 3:45 to 4:15 pm in Session Room W203A; you can register at

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