Amphenol FCI BergStak® 0.40mm Board-to-Board Connectors

Sponsored by Mouser Electronics

Amphenol FCI BergStak® 0.40mm Board-to-Board Connectors offer a 0.3A per contact current rating, 50MΩ insulation resistance, and 30VDC voltage rating. These connectors feature a compact design with stack heights of 1.5mm and 4mm with 10 to 100 positions. The contact lock function provides high mating reliability, while the shock-absorbing ribs on the housing make this connector highly suitable for high-vibration applications. Amphenol FCI BergStak 0.40mm Connectors support signal speeds of up to 16Gb/s and can be soldered on FPC for flexible board-to-board connections.

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