Autonomous Service Robots Just Got Faster, Cheaper and Leaner

OhmniLabs announced a new Ohmni Modular Robotics Platform that allows its customers to design robots from the base to the brains, while adding exterior mechanisms and functionality. The robots are manufactured in OhmniLabs’ one-of-a-kind 3D printing factory in Silicon Valley, and deployed and managed through the company’s cloud robotics platform.

The Platform features extensible and flexible base robots, a rich and comprehensive library of tech modules, and proprietary ultra-lean development and manufacturing processes. This allow the company to develop and iterate quickly through different robotics products just like a software company.

The company’s autonomous cloud robotics platform is built on a SLAM infrastructure (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) using a blend of LIDAR, depth cameras, and computer vision to generate maps that are shared across robot fleets. With computer vision at the edge, robots are capable of recognizing people and objects surrounding them, and understand the environment, even without an Internet connection.

With the Modular Robotics Platform, new designs can be fabricated in a matter of hours in OhmniLabs’ 3D printing facility, while traditional molding takes up to three months. This rapid prototyping process significantly lowers the barrier to entry and brings new robots to market faster.

OhmniLabs’ design and production professionals work side by side with customers and resellers to conceptualize, engineer, prototype, manufacture and deploy a fleet of custom robots quickly, without sacrificing usability and quality. This development process allows customers to assess risks and make decisions at each stage, with a specific goal in mind.

The Ohmni Robot platform was recently awarded as a 2021 TMCnet Remote Work Pioneer for its exceptional flexibility. The company is currently working with many of the world’s largest technology companies and highly regarded universities to develop custom robotics solutions for a variety of applications.

Original Release: PR Newswire

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