Computer Vision Startup Brodmann17 Shuttered

Brodmann17 shut down this week. Via a LinkedIn message,  Adi Pinhas, co-founder and CEO, reported that the company would not be able to bring its products to the mass market despite proven technology, technology demand, and customers in production.

Pinhas, a deep learning and computer vision specialist, launched the company six years ago with AI scientists Amir Alush and Assaf Mushinsky. They wanted to deliver a new approach to computer vision technology supporting ADAS.

Brodmann17 sought to develop deep learning-based computer vision technology not reliant on bulky hardware. The software-based product ran on low-end processors in the car, complementing sensors like cameras, radar, and even lidar already on the vehicle.

The company struggled to get new funding, making it impossible to continue.

Brodmann17 did attract some interest as a possible acquisition target, however. There were several offers, but they all fell through, primarily to timing reasons.

Pinhas is ready for another project.

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