Central Semiconductor Debuts Innovative GaN FETs in an Array of Packages, Setting a New Benchmark for Efficiency in Soft Switching Applications

Central Semiconductor announces the introduction of several new Gallium Nitride (GaN) FETs. The latest additions include the CCSPG1060N (100V, 60A) in a CSP3.5X2 package, the CDF56G6511N (650V, 11.5A) in a DFN5X6A package, and the CDF56G6517N (650V, 17A) in a DN5X6A package. Additional devices in this line and the option for bare die configurations are available on demand.

The new GaN FETs are engineered for maximum efficiency and speed. They are space-saving with a high voltage threshold of up to 650V and impressively low gate charge and RDS (ON) as low as 3.2mΩ, promising performance and reliability.


The new GaN FETs are engineered for maximum efficiency and speed.

These GaN FETs are ideally suited for various applications, including wireless charging in defense, aerospace, healthcare, and consumer electronics sectors. In addition, they are applicable in Power Factor Correction systems and electric vehicle inverters.

One of the standout features of these GaN FETs is their shallow conduction losses, making them an excellent choice for applications where power efficiency is paramount. Their high-frequency switching capability facilitates seamless operation. Most significantly, these devices minimize reverse recovery loss.

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